Remember Los Banos 1945

Near the town of Los Banos, Philippines, twenty-five miles southeast of Manila, well behind Japanese lines, lay Los Banos Internment camp containing more than two thousand American and Allied civilians, men, women, and children of all ages. They had been incarcerated by the Japanese Army since January 1942. General MacArthur feared that the internees might be massacred by the retreating Japanese forces. On February 23rd , 1945, the United States Army’s 11th Airborne Division, with support from Filipino guerrilla forces, carried out a coordinated raid of ambush, parachute drop and amphibious landing to rescue 2,147 men, women, and children. Not one prisoner was killed or seriously wounded. All were transported safely behind American lines. A few days after the rescue the Japanese forces returned and wreaked vengeance on the town of Los Banos, massacring approximately 1,500 Filipino civilians.11thair_00008-20-15_Hunters_ROTC_Guerrillas